FAQs – Ask An Electrician!

There are lots of questions that our local clients in Christchurch ask us regularly. To help you out, our electricians have written up answers to some of the more common ones here.

How much does it cost to wire a new house NZ?

Like a lot of “cost” answers, it does depend on the size and complexity of the house. For a standard basic 100 m2 house with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom then you can budget on wiring the house for $8,500 to $10,000. This would include the switchboard, lighting circuits and LED lights and power circuits and outlets. If want to include heat pumps, underfloor heating or audio-visual systems then these will increase the cost.

How much does a heat pump cost in NZ?

There are two components to the cost of a new heat pump. One is the cost of the split unit heat pump (with an outdoor compressor and indoor wall or floor unit). The other part is the cost to have the heat pump installed. This price varies depending on the house materials and how far apart the indoor and outdoor units are. Small 3 kW heat pumps with basic back to back installation (suitable for a small bedroom or study) will have prices starting from about $2,300 (including GST). Large 8 kW heat pumps cost upwards of $4000.

How do you fix condensation on windows?

Condensation occurs on the inside of windows when damp moist air in the house condenses into water droplets on the cold surface of the glass. To remove the condensation on the windows you need to reduce the amount of moisture in the house. The most common ways to do this are to use extractor fans in kitchens and bathrooms, open windows regularly to air out the house and dry clothes in a clothes dryer that is ducted to the outside. If you have a heat pump, another handy way to reduce moisture is to run the heat pump in “dehumidify mode” at night. If these methods aren’t enough, then you may need to consider having a positive or balanced pressure home ventilation system installed to constantly keep the moisture levels in the house low. It’s worth taking some time do solve this problem of damp windows, as having a drier, warmer home is better for your health.