Power Outage Christchurch Canterbury

What To Do In A Power Cut

It’s getting to that cold and often stormy time of year in Christchurch and Inland Canterbury when power cuts can occur – usually when we need the power most. Here are a few things that may help… Check the Orion website from your phone – this will give you up to date information on […]

Our Easy Process for a New Heat Pump

We think that getting a new heat pump should be easy and understandable.  That’s why we have this easy to follow process and our heat pump prices include installation*. Step 1 Buy Heat Pump Online (Yes, You Can See Our Heat Pump Prices) The first question our heat pump clients usually ask is how much […]

Why You Should Upgrade to LED Downlights

Firstly What Are LED Downlights? LED downlights are a modern new downlight that contains light emitting diodes (LED’s) to generate the light. They are fancy pieces of electronic wizardry! Old traditional incandescent bulbs contain a metal filament that heats up and emits light when electricity is passed through it.  Halogen lights are essentially advanced forms of […]


Control Your Mitsubishi Heat Pump Using A SmartPhone

Wi-Fi controllers can be added onto many existing Mitsubishi heat pumps and all new ones. Turn the heat pump on using your phone before you leave work and arrive home to a warm house. Furthermore if you forget to turn the heat pump off when you head out for the day, simply turn it off from your […]