The Importance of Ventilation Systems for a Healthy Home

Today, we’re diving into the world of ventilation systems and how they can make a significant difference in your living space. We also explore the different types of ventilation systems.

What’s an RCD?

In New Zealand, Residual Current Devices (RCDs) play a crucial role in ensuring electrical safety. RCDs are protective devices designed to quickly disconnect the power supply when they detect a leakage of electric current from a circuit. They can be installed on switchboards or socket outlets. Here’s why RCDs are important for electrical safety in […]

Why You Should Upgrade to LED Downlights

Firstly What Are LED Downlights? LED downlights are a modern new downlight that contains light emitting diodes (LED’s) to generate the light. They are fancy pieces of electronic wizardry! Old traditional incandescent bulbs contain a metal filament that heats up and emits light when electricity is passed through it.  Halogen lights are essentially advanced forms of […]

Hot Water Cylinder Repair

Hot Water Cylinder Not Working – Do You Need An Electrician or Plumber?

We often get customers calling up with a hot water cylinder that needs repairing.  The first thing they ask is “Do I need and electrician or a plumber?”.  Good question.  Read on to find out a few quick checks you can do and which tradesman to call first. The first thing to check is whether […]

Doing Electrical Work At Home

Doing Electrical Work On Your Own Home

To some people it’s tempting to do some DIY electrical work at home.  Perhaps you want to fix that broken light switch? Or maybe change the element in the oven?  What are the rules in New Zealand and what can you do yourself?   When is it time to call in a Registered Electrician?  Don’t forget […]

Power Outage Christchurch Canterbury

What To Do In A Power Cut

It’s getting to that cold and often stormy time of year in Christchurch and Inland Canterbury when power cuts can occur – usually when we need the power most. Here are a few things that may help… Check the Orion website from your phone – this will give you up to date information on […]

Our Easy Process for a New Heat Pump

We think that getting a new heat pump should be easy and understandable.  That’s why we have this easy to follow process and our heat pump prices include installation*. Step 1 Buy Heat Pump Online (Yes, You Can See Our Heat Pump Prices) The first question our heat pump clients usually ask is how much […]


Control Your Mitsubishi Heat Pump Using A SmartPhone

Wi-Fi controllers can be added onto many existing Mitsubishi heat pumps and all new ones. Turn the heat pump on using your phone before you leave work and arrive home to a warm house. Furthermore if you forget to turn the heat pump off when you head out for the day, simply turn it off from your […]