Doing Electrical Work On Your Own Home

To some people it’s tempting to do some DIY electrical work at home.  Perhaps you want to fix that broken light switch? Or maybe change the element in the oven?  What are the rules in New Zealand and what can you do yourself?   When is it time to call in a Registered Electrician?  Don’t forget that you can’t see electricity, a slight mistake and it can kill or seriously injure you.

Check out this article from WorkSafe NZ.  We think it provides excellent advice on the legal and practical things you need to know before undertaking any work on your own home that you live in.

As the article mentions, you need to know and understand the electrical regulations and standards, and carry out any electrical work on your own home accordingly.  Not sure what the rules are?  Then it’s time to call in a Registered Electrician.

Are you a landlord?  Then there is important info for you in the article too.

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